Creating a Video

Lights, camera, action!

If Natascha and I have learned anything over the past few years, it's that video is practically required if we want our songs to have maximum impact. We have had several wonderful videographers who have donated their time to our cause, however, money and time have been limiting factors (as they are with all of us), and at the end of the day, only we really know what our vision is and what we want to convey. So in light of this, we have taken the reigns ourselves if you will, and have put on yet another hat--The one of videographer, producer, and editor--O:K, more like three or more hats! Natasha spent a great deal of time and effort editing our "Be Called" video with great results! But of course as always, we are still learning the ropes and still trying to improve. And so we plow on ahead towards another music video endeavor... 

"Mikamocha" is a very ancient and traditional Hebrew song that we incorporate into our weekly liturgy each week at Brit Ahm (our Synagogue). A year or so ago, it had been brought to our attention that there are not many basic versions of the song on recording, and so we felt lead to create a recording that would convey the simple beauty and timelessness of the song--This song invokes so much nostalgia and longing in me and so I set out to create that with the music--It would have to  be basic, but also majestic. And of course Natasha's vocals have always really hit this song home for me. The song just begged for us to record it.

Natascha came up with the story line from the parable of the 10 virgins (from the gospel of Matthew) who were waiting for their bridegroom to arrive. Five were foolish and five were not. The message of course is that when Messiah comes for us, we must be ready. So Natascha and I got some of our Brit Ahm peeps to play bridesmaids with us (the wise ones of course), and we headed over to Fort Barancas to shoot the video with the help of good friend Daniel Moreno.

We didn't realize all of the red tape we'd have to go through in order to get a permit to film there, but G-d lead us to some amazing people who helped us get all of the documentation we needed to be able to do this thing on the up and up. The place is absolutely amazing with it's brick archways and winding hallways--A perfect backdrop (Thank you Miss Wendy for the suggestion ;-). I felt as if we really were in ancient Israel! We had such an amazing time and want to thank all of our "bridesmaids", Wendy Bagget, Catherine Currier, and also a special thank you to Abby Fatkins, who choreographed the dance for the video. You all are so beautiful!

Natascha has been editing the main video while I've been working on a couple different lyric video options. After several trips out there, we were able to get some good footage. It was a lot of work, but it will all be worth it in the end. We'll keep you all up to date on progress, and as always, we ask for your continued prayers as we venture forth with our projects. Be sure to spread the word. You all are amazing!

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